Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Lord, help us adopt a kid soon"

Another Christmas has come and gone. What a wonderful celebration of Christ's birth. Surrounded by family and friends the holiday is a time of thankfulness for what blessing God has given to us and to think of those who do without. Christ's gift reminds us that children are at the crux of God's great plan for humanity. No other group is more sweet, loving, innocent, and hopeful. No other group is more fragile and easily harmed.

Tonight our son prayed a simple prayer from the purity of his 6 year old heart. "Lord, help us to adopt a kid soon." He has no concept of time or space, money or process. He simply knows that His God can the power to answer his precious prayer.

As Jesus taught his disciples, we must become like little children. What if we prayed and believed as Micah Pat does. What if we simply said what we desired and expected our God to do it. No worry about the details Lord, they are in Your hands.

So in the inspiring words of your brother, "Lord, help us to adopt a kid soon.

Love Daddy

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