Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 29, 2010

Adoption Pain

Every family that has been blessed with biological children know the pain that goes with it. Many husbands have gotten the stink eye as their wife is going through the delivery process. It is a horrible time of pain. Yet one you forget when you hold that new child in your arms for the first time. All of the memories of pain seem to fade away and the realization that it was worth it comes.

Adoption can also seem painful. It is a painfully long process. You wait nine months for a biological baby and three years for an adopted one. Both are financially taxing. The whole adoption process can be looked at as painful. You have prenatal doctor visits, you have pre-adoption doctor visits.

Many wonder how you can love a child that does not share your DNA as much as one that does. I believe the processes are so similar so that God can knit the adopted child into your heart, just as He knits the biological one in its mothers womb.

Child birth is painful. So is adoption. The pain of delivery will soon be forgotten when you hold your new child for the first time. Sure other trials will come. Adjustments to our food, our language, our sleeping schedule, etc, but in the end they are always worth it. You will always be worth it.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Despicable Me

Soon the movie "Despicable Me" will be released to DVD. What an awesome story for kids.

"I laughed, I cried, it moved me Bob" Larry the Cucumber.

My kids loved the movie. As we set in the darkness of the movie theater, I began to wonder if it would prove to be yet another movie putting adoption into a negative light. Gru, the main character, strives to be the most evil scientist there is. In order to accomplish his plan, he decides to adopt three beautiful little girls. They just happen to be the best sales girls for their girl scout like club. In the end, the girls hearts are changed as love begins to grow. Gru also changes, moving from hard hearted evil doer, to a loving and caring father. His focus changes from himself to his beautiful little girls. His priorities are turned right side up.

You may not be an evil scientist, but your life can be changed. Our lives will soon be changed like Gru's. Yes, trials will come, but we will face them as a loving family. We have one advantage that Gru and his girls did not have. We have the love of Jesus Christ guiding us and leading us every step of the way.

I can't wait to show you our adopted child "Despicable Me" and more importantly the love of Jesus. I bet your life will be changed too.


Friday, October 22, 2010

The Next Step

Today we go to get the final report from the Psychologist for the Home Study and Dossier. One more hurdle will be crossed. Once this is submitted we will be read to begin all the international paperwork as well as the formal homestudy process. Life is very busy, but I still continue to hope that all of this can be completed by the end of the year.

I am excited to report that we have raised more money, we are now $550 from our goal.  Thanks so much to all who have given. It really means a lot. We are truly blessed with family and friends that believe in what we are doing.

We pray for you daily.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Power of a Day

Have you ever thought about how our lives can change in a day. A day is not a large amount of time. It is 24 quick hours1,440 fast minutes, or 86,400 seconds. We wake up go through our morning routine, head off to work, come home, go through our evening routine, go to bed, then we wake up and do it all over again. as humans we automatically think of how our lives can negatively be changed by the dreaded midnight phone call. I am by nature an optimist. I also believe that our God is the King of eternal optimism.

Think about it. In one day our salvation was paid for on the cross. On one day our lives are transformed by His mercy as we accept the gift of salvation. In one day we that believe on Christ will be taken to heaven to be with Him forever. In one day a promotion can come to us. In one day an opportunity that we never expected can come. In one day we can receive a phone call saying our child is ready for adoption.

So much can change in one day. Today I am meeting with an official from the Assemblies of God. We are trying to move our ministry, Mission 1:27, toward national approval. I do not know what this day will bring, but I do know that God can change my life today. Through this He can also change the lives of children all over our world.

All it takes is one day.


check out our ministry site at http://www.mission127.com/ the site is under development.

Friday, October 15, 2010

You have a Hand in Our Miracle

Family and Friends,

In the next few weeks Jenna and I will begin our Homestudy process. We are very excited to have this begin. At the end of this process we will have a large sum of our money due. To date we have raised all but $1,000 of it. We sincerely appreciate all who have given to help. After we have an approved Homestudy we will be eligible for grants to help with a good portion of the remaining expenses. If God would so direct you, please consider making a donation to help us reach the Homestudy amount and filing fees. You may donate at the side to our Paypal account or you may send a check to:

Mission 127
PO Box 99086
Louisville, KY 40269

All donations to Mission 127 are tax deductible.
Please write 101 on the memo line.

We are so richly blessed with loving family and friends who have and are supporting us in prayer. This we value greatly!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall, the Season of Hope

I know that most people would consider Spring the season of hope. That may be true also. For me fall is always a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the holiday season that is ahead. I am one of those crazy people that starts listening to Christmas music in Oct...in preparation for church Christmas programs. I listen to it all the time once the first of November comes.

I believe that fall is the most beautiful time of year. The vivid colors that all come from the same color...green. Purples, reds, oranges, yellows, and browns spread their beauty like a carpet. The crisp breeze that comes as the weather begins to change makes me want pumpkin spice and peppermint coffees. I look forward to spending time with friends and family around one table.

I don't know what the fall season is like in the Philippines or if you even have one. You will love this time of year. I can't wait for your first fall, your first Thanksgiving, and your first Christmas as our newest little one. As the leaves change and fall from the trees a renewed awareness comes; if God is in control of the seasons then He must be in complete control of our lives. I can't wait to share the beauty of our fall with you!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Love of God

There is an old hymn that my mother always used to sing as she went about the house doing housework.
The first refrain says, "The love of God is greater far than tongue or pen could ever tell." There are times in this life when we are completely overcome by the love of our God. There are others when we long so much to feel God's love but we feel nothing. Whether we feel God or not, He is always there and His love never changes. One of the first Bible verses we will teach you is John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son." This Son, Jesus Christ, loves you with an unending love. As I prayed for you last night, I felt such peace and love that can only come from God. It is truly a God thing to love someone you have never met, never seen, and don't know anything about...including if you are a boy or a girl. We continue to work and wait, praying for your needs to be met until mommy and I have the opportunity to introduce you to this love.