Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dossier Complete

The next great step in your adoption is finished. Friday afternoon we received the last form for our dossier. It was forwarded to the agency that night. After a quick review by them it will be headed to the Philippines by the end of the week. What a relief it is to have that part completed. No more mountains of paperwork.

Even with this finished, challenges remain. The real waiting begins. During this time we need to raise around $10,000. Country fees are due at referral and then travel expenses. It seems like a huge mountain that we are not equipped to climb; however, we know that God has already climbed that mountain for us. As has been during this entire process, the money will be there when we need it.

Your homecoming is closer now than ever. Many minor details are left to be figured out. And they will be in time. We pray that God will send you to us soon. We'd really rather not wait another 2-3 years.

All of our family and friends are praying with us for a time miracle.


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