Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 15, 2013


I realize that I have not posted very often since Joy came home in Oct. If you have read my previous post you understand why. If not, here is a simple explanation: until Joy's adoption is finalized, we have to be careful of what we post.

Today I am happy to announce that our final consent to adopt has been approved by the Filipino government. This means that all her paper work will soon be to us. We will then take it to our lawyer to have her adoption finalized here in Louisville. At that time we will change her name to, Joy Noelle Lewis, and she will be an American citizen. Pray with us that this last step will be quick and easy.

Joy is doing very well. Her behavior and attachment to all members of the family are normal now. She is blessing to us and our family. Her favorite person, no surprise, is my dad who we all call Pawpaw. Or at least we used to, until Joy started calling him Poppy. I think it may stick.

Joy's health is good. We have had no issues while weaning her off of one of her medications. This is a blessing. The Doctor here said it was a pointless medicine that was doing nothing for her. She has been off of it for more than two months, with no seizure. Thank God!

All in all we have had a pretty easy transition in comparison to a lot of our friends. We look forward to this four year process being behind us. She will soon have all of the rights an privileges of every American. As she continues to grow in her faith, I know that God has a divine plan for her little life. We are blessed to be a part of it.


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