Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 28, 2010

Moving Forward

Late yesterday we found out that the agency we have decided to use is no longer operating in our area. I called to see how this might effect us and was told that it will not. We had the pre-application done and were in the system before the decision was made. We do, however; have to continue moving forward with the process in order to stay in the system. That means we must start background checks for all the states mom (3) and I (2) have lived in since we were 18. This also means that we must set up our first interview and move into the formal application process.

All of this can be overwhelming, if you let it. So much money is due at the beginning of the process. Not sure how all of it is going to come together. I do know that if God is in it, it will come together. Mom and I will trust and work in God's timing, not ours. It the money is not there and we lose out with this agency, then He wanted us to work with another. If God provides for us, we will move forward.

Some of our Filipino friends are going to the Philippines for a two week visit. They are so excited about you, they are telling all of their friends, many in Tagalog. Which I can't understand. :) When you arrive in the US you will become and American, but you will be surrounded with a Filipino family that loves mom and dad and will love you too. I watched a Filipino baby playing tonight at a graduation, I just kept wondering what you might look like, how old will you be, will you be a boy or a girl? God knows. Before He formed you in the womb of your biological mother He knew you. He created you for us. To be a part of our forever family.

Love Daddy

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