Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, August 5, 2010

God is Directing

God has been very active in our lives since I last wrote. He is amazingly and wonderfully putting some many things in place. Mission 127 is becoming a daily adventure. Since receiving District approval we have starting planning the web site, the next adoption/orphan care seminar, and our first orphan missions trip. I think it will not take long before Mission 127 will be rocking and rolling toward God's goal. We have also made our first contact to determine if we can become a national approved ministry.

In the midst of all of this your adoption continues to move forward. It is so time consuming. Waiting for this appointment or that paper work to come in. Today mom and I will be going for our Psych exams. Mom has her doctors appointment by the end of the month, then all the homestudy paperwork will be completed. From there we move on to the Dossier and fundraising...oh the fundraising. I have started an online store on Amazon.com to help raise some money. Several people have donated items to help.

We pray for you everyday, that you are being cared for and loved. We pray you have enough to eat and clothes to wear. We also pray for your caregivers.

It will be a joy when we have our gotcha day.

Love Daddy

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