Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 29, 2010

Adoption Pain

Every family that has been blessed with biological children know the pain that goes with it. Many husbands have gotten the stink eye as their wife is going through the delivery process. It is a horrible time of pain. Yet one you forget when you hold that new child in your arms for the first time. All of the memories of pain seem to fade away and the realization that it was worth it comes.

Adoption can also seem painful. It is a painfully long process. You wait nine months for a biological baby and three years for an adopted one. Both are financially taxing. The whole adoption process can be looked at as painful. You have prenatal doctor visits, you have pre-adoption doctor visits.

Many wonder how you can love a child that does not share your DNA as much as one that does. I believe the processes are so similar so that God can knit the adopted child into your heart, just as He knits the biological one in its mothers womb.

Child birth is painful. So is adoption. The pain of delivery will soon be forgotten when you hold your new child for the first time. Sure other trials will come. Adjustments to our food, our language, our sleeping schedule, etc, but in the end they are always worth it. You will always be worth it.


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