Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 24, 2011


In our busy lives today there are often issues that we see from a distance. They may make a momentary mark on us, but nothing lasting. They are issues that we push to the back of our minds, ignoring that they really exist, or that they truly effect the lives of others. Orphans are often like this. We see a picture of a dirty little naked kid running through the streets and think someone should do something. The next moment we return our focus to the major issues of life, facebook, lunch, or what to do after work.

Awareness allows us to move beyond knowing into action. When I choose to make my self aware of the plight of orphans I also make myself available for God to touch them through me. I may be called to adopt or help someone who is adopting. I may be called to give to a specific cause or go to a specific land. I may simply be called to pray. In whatever way you become aware of orphans, choose to act not to ignore. Very literally their life is hanging in the balance. What can you do to help?


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