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Our Family

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Passion, Peace, and Frustration

Have you ever noticed that in God paradoxes abound? To be truly free I make myself His slave is the best example. In my life God has given me new passion for ministry. To reach the orphans of the world and to adopt one of our own is what I live and breath. God directs me to portions of scripture in His word that highlights His heart for orphans. I see their faces every time I walk into my office. I have 12 pictures of orphans hanging to remind me of what I am called to do.

To see the joy that these kids have on their faces is a paradox. We see them and think, how can they be happy, how can they know joy? They are alone and "unwanted" as the world says. They have scars, both physical and emotional. In our minds no joy could exists. But in reality where Christ is joy abounds. Christ may be in a bowl of rice for the hungry or in a pair of shoes for the unclothed.

This passion at times seems to overwhelm me. I want my son or daughter yesterday! God is faithful to grant peace with the passion that He gives. I know that God is in control and all is accomplished as He sees fit to accomplish it.

Many times passion and peace also give way to frustration. How is that? It is a paradox. I have passion to do what God has called me to do, I have peace that He is in control of my life and situation, but I also have frustration that I am not doing enough or that things are not going quickly enough. I had hopes that our new ministry, mission 1:27 (http://www.mission127.com/) would have enough funding by now that we could be meeting greater needs more often. I have a desire to have my wife on staff with me where we, together with some of our close friends with the same passion, could reach thousands of kids. I want to build homes, I want to write checks to meet needs, I want to travel to foreign lands to lend a hand.

In God timing is everything. I know this, you know this, but we often forget that frustration is a natural part of life...even our spiritual life. It is not frustration that says God can't or won't, but He can but when!
Passion, Peace, and even Frustration guide us toward the ultimate goal that we can have in God...His perfect will for our lives. So son or daughter wherever you are this morning, I love you and desire to hold you in my arms. Kids of the world, I may not know how or when, but we will reach you, we will help provide for you, we will show you love.


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