Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

He Is My Everything

This morning as I was praying about youth tonight, humility kept coming to mind. This is a foundational trait for believers, but it is also contrary to our nature. We enjoy success and privileges that come our way; however, these are not to puff us up. We are to be humble, acknowledging that every good and perfect gift comes from God. I may be intelligent; if I am it is from God. I may be talented; if I am it is from God. I may be blessed; if I am it is from God.

Paul reminds us that we are to boast about nothing but the cross of Jesus. All that I have need of is from Him. All that I posses is from Him. All that I achieve is from Him.  The old chorus simply says, "He is my everything, He is my all, He is my everything both great and small, He gave His live for me, made everything new, He is my everything, none other will do."

Somewhere on one of the 7,000 islands of the Philippines is a child that will soon be ours. It is not because my wife and I are so great that we adopt. No, it is because of the grace of Christ extended to us that we adopt. It is because we choose to turn our ears to hear His voice. It is because He gave His life for me on a cross 2,000 years ago.

So new kid, whereever you are, without reservation, I say, He is my EVERYTHING.


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