Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

May My Life

A few years ago I went through a time where God gave me several worship songs. We sing them here in our local church. One of these songs is titled, "May My Life".

 "May my life bring glory to your name, may my life bring you praise. May my life bring glory to your name, may my life bring you praise. With all I have within me I bless your holy name. With every word that I can sing to you. For you alone are worthy, Lord. Worthy to be praised and my heart I freely give to you. Oh Lord you are wonderful to me. Make my heart and life an offering. Lord, how I love to sing your praise. Oh Lord you are wonderful to me."

This simple chorus that the Lord gave me almost 10 years ago, expresses my deepest desire for my own life. I desire to bring God praise through time of happiness and peace and through the storms as well. In the midst of an adoption that seems to be going no where fast, I am reminded of my own song.

"God in all that has happened, all the delays, all the stress, all the waiting. In the end I ask that my life will bring you praise. When the adoption is completed, I pray it will be for your glory and yours alone. As the child you place into our family grows, I pray her life will also bring you praise. May our testimony and our lives bring others to a decision point of salvation and others to choose adoption. May those who watch our lives see your glory, your peace, and your divine provision. May my life bring you praise." Amen!

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