Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Praying for a Quick Approval

As many of you may have read from my an earlier post, the Filipino Government came to us around Thanksgiving needing more paperwork. As of yesterday that paperwork is now in their hands. We are praying that the rest of the process moves quickly. A friend of ours that applied at the same time we did were approved last week. We are hoping and believing that with the clarifications in hand our approval will be very fast.
In the mean time we are thinking of all there is to do. First and foremost we have a LOT of money to raise in a short amount of time to do it. Second, Natalie wants to redecorate her room in preparation for her new sister arriving. We of course will not do this until we have approval. Third, there is more US paperwork to file before we can travel.
Please continue to pray for us. Our God has provided all that we have needed. I know He will continue to do so. We are appreciative of all your prayers and support.


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