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Our Family

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Abortion and Adoption

As conservative Christians we often vote and state that we are against abortion. We believe abortion is an abomination to our God and to humanity. While we might support a women's right to choose what effects her own life; when another life is involved, no one but God has the right to choose between life and death. There is only one way I can support an abortion with a clear conscience, that is in the case where the mother's life is in danger. This of course is VERY rare and very controversial to a world that puts more value on a cat than an unborn human.

Christians are quick to let everyone know how we feel on this issue. It's simple, life begins at conception. From a Biblical perspective at the moment dad's seed meets mom's egg God creates within in that tiny life the ability to develop all of their character traits: hair color, eye color, height, weight, propensity for strength in areas and weakness in others. But in that moment we also believe that in whatever mysterious way it happens, God places within that life a soul.

We find it sad that someone could abort a baby at 8 months of pregnancy. You see it's not out of the womb. Yet, if the baby came early, say 8 months and a day, the law and humanity suddenly declare it human. How illogical.

In all my disagreement with the abortion rights people, I do agree with them on one thing. Often they stand in their lines declaring the right to abort. They also stand as an indictment against the church rightfully saying, "you say you support adoption over abortion, but how many are willing to adopt?" Ouch! We say we believe in life and adoption as a better alternative, but how many Christan's Foster or Adopt....very few.

We go to the polls to vote our conscience on this issue but we leave it to someone else to care for the unwanted child. A Pastor friend of mine often said before his church that he was against abortion. One day the Lord spoke to him and said, "that's good, but what are you doing about it." A few months later his church opened a crisis pregnancy center to care for unwed mothers.

Today in Kentucky, the state where we live, there are 6,500 churches. There are 800 children in the Foster Care program that are ready and waiting to be adopted. These are kids that have had mom and dads rights terminated. They are not in danger of being taken back once the process is started. So let's say the average church in KY runs 50. That would equal 325,000 members (this is a very low estimate). It would only take 2.6% of these to step up and have 100% of these kids adopted. 2.6% (I typed that hard for emphasis).

What are we doing as a church? It is time our beliefs are backed up by our actions. I realize that not all can adopt. Surely 800 families across our Commonwealth could. We have chosen by God's direction to adopt outside the US. It doesn't matter, what matters is our willingness to stand up for the fatherless. To put our money where our mouths are (literally). You may not be approved to adopt, but you can try. You may not be at a place that you can bring another child into your home, but you can help someone else who can.

The same man that said (James), "true religion in the sight of God the father is caring for widows and orphans in their distress" also said "faith without works is dead". Let us rise up as Christians and answer the call to adopt. Let us not simply say we are against abortion but provide a loving home for the child whose mom made the right choice...LIFE!

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  1. I firmly agree and understand the passion you write with. We are God's adopted children and I believe this issue stands at the center of His heart!