Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Praying for Charlie

I first saw Charlie on a waiting children's list a few days ago. His little face caught my attention. There are many on this list. Some are older children, many have major physical or emotional issues. Charlie is too old for us to adopt as we are required to maintain birth order. Still God continues to bring this little boy to my mind. Every time I pray I see his little face. I do not know what you look like, or even if you will be a boy or a girl. I do not know what age you will be. I do know about Charlie. As I pray for you, who may not even be born yet, God brings Charlie to mind. Mom and I may not be able to adopt little Charlie, but someone out there can. As we wait and pray for you, I also pray that God will send little Charlie a forever family that will love him and nurture him in Christ as we will one day do with you. So today I pray for a little 8 year old Asian boy somewhere in the world that needs a home. You need a home too, maybe not now, but you will soon. When that day comes mommy and daddy will provide that home for you. I hope by the time we get to hold you for the first time, Charlie will have a mommy and daddy too.

God grant Charlie a loving family who loves you with all their heart. Provide for his every need. May little Charlie experience the love of his forever family very very soon.

Love Daddy

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