Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gearing Up For the Wait

International adoption training is done. I learned so much valuable information. I am excited to move on to the homestudy process. I believe that God is preparing us for your arrival. Many adoption families compare the process to pregnancy. There are doctors appointments, waiting, preparations at home, waiting, name consideration, and more waiting. As the homestudy process comes to a close the waiting continues. It is like the third trimester. You know the child is coming but you're really not sure when. I can't wait to see the first pictures of you. Mom and I are praying that you will be a waiting child. Our hope is to have you sooner than 3 years. Every month we see a list of so many beautiful kids waiting for adoption. I pray for those kids. I pray that they will be adopted before we get our paperwork completed. There are so many children in the world needing a forever family we know that God will place you, the right child with us.


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