Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Over the past few months God has given me such a passion for adoption. My heart is broken as I look over the waiting children lists. My eyes are opened as I hear stories of God's divine provision. I wake everyday wondering what God will accomplish today. Our new ministry "Missions 1:27" soon to be found at http://www.mission127.com/ is exploding. Email and phone calls from around the world are coming in to us and are going out from us. We are starting to develop the website and seeking national approval from the Assemblies of God. I believe God is blessing us with His favor as He orchestrates all of this.

This week we have completed our paperwork for the homestudy. We will soon begin our training classes. During this time we will also be raising money to help bring you home quicker and be working on the dossier process.

The greatest satisfaction we have in this life is finding the will of God and doing it. Adoption is His will for us at this time in our life. You are God's will for us. With passion for God's call we will move forward.


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